Hunting in Spain

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If you are looking for big free range trophies, you are in the correct place.

Every season we harvest several trophies ranking very high on the SCI record book.





We offer all Spanish big game species.

Beceite Ibex

One of the most spectacular animals in the world. Beceite Ibex are the widest of all ibex species. We can hunt them November through May, harvesting huge Beceite ibex during all the season.

Gredos Ibex

Gredos Ibex have very unique horns with several turning points. A must when hunting to Spain. Gredos mountains are one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Season is September to early April.

Southeastern Ibex

Southeastern Ibex live in the South coast of Spain touching the Mediterranean Sea. Southeastern Ibex horns look alike sheep horns. Long horns that turn backwards make them very impressive.
Season is late October to mid-May.

Ronda Ibex

Smallest of all the Spanish Ibex, Ronda Ibex are found in the South of Spain in the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga. Heart shaped horns and lighter colored capes make them very different to all other Spanish Ibex species. We hunt them late October to early April. 

Pyrenean Chamois

Pyrenean Chamois are the biggest of the Spanish Chamois species. Found in the north of Spain in the Pyrenees bordering France. Great hunt and great trophies.

Cantabrian Chamois

Cantabrian Chamois are the smallest of all chamois sub-species. They can only be hunted in the North of Spain. If hunting Cantabrian Chamois late September or early October this hunt can be combined with Iberian Red Deer during the roar as both these species live in the same beautiful mountains. Fall season starts September 1st and comes to an end November 15th. Spring season starts May 1st and comes to an end July 15th.



Iberian Mouflon

Iberian Mouflon a great hunt to add to your Spain adventure. Late October to December is the best time to hunt them during the rut.  We also have good winter areas to hunt them. Dream full curl Iberian Mouflon are a realistic goal in our areas.

Roe Deer

Spain has some of the very biggest roe deer in the world. Our areas produce very big roe deer every season. Know as the «dwarfs of the forest» roe deer hunting becomes addictive! April and May are the best months for this hunt.

Iberian Red Deer

Hunting Iberian red deer during the roar is one of the great hunts Spain offers. The feeling you get when you hear these stags sing is hard to describe. Roar takes places late September and early October every year.

European Fallow deer

We have access to some of the best ground for biggest fallow deer in the world. Best time to hunt fallow deer is September and October. Season is September to February.

Balearian Boc

Balearian Boc goats are native to the Island of Mallorca in Spain. This island is located Mediterranean Sea and is the only place in the world where these goats can be found and hunted.

Wild Boar

Spanish wild boar are all over Spain. Every year we hunt some huge tuskers.
Always a fun hunt.


Spanish tour

We very much recommend adding some touring days before or after your hunt. Please contact us for further information. We have a great offer for you to discover Spain.

Hunting in Spain

Firearms and gear

Weather bringing your own rifle or using our rifles, please contact us for the procedure to follow. We need 30-60 days for this permit.

If you wish a gear list please let us know.

Hunting in Spain

Hunting in Spain

All our hunts are free range / private land. Always offering best trophies in Spain.

-We take care of all the organization and paperwork so you have nothing to worry about. Just come and have a great time!

-Hotels before, during and after the hunt.

-Hunting license, tags, hunting insurance.

-Rifle and ammunition.

-Taxidermy and export of trophies. Fast and easy.

-Touring before or after the hunt. 

Hunting in Spain
Hunting areas Corju hunting in Spain

hunting areas

We hunt all free range Spanish Big Game species. All our areas are private and well managed. Offering big trophies.

Big game secies
Big game species
Big game species
Big game species


more about us

bow hunting spain

We have some excellent archery areas.

Bow hunting in Spain will fulfill all your bow hunting dreams. 

We have guided several top ranking ibex archery hunts in Spain.

Contact us for information on our bow hunts.



                 One of the best hunting crews you will ever hunt with.

Corju Hunting founder

Fran Cortina

Outfitter and guide.

Started Corju Hunting in 2007.

Guiding since 2009.

Has guided several world class Ibex.

Speaks fluent English & French.



Partner and Head guide.

True expert when it comes to Ibex hunting.

Guiding since 2002.

Has guided over 100 trophy ibex hunts.

Also know as «Eagle eye».


Corju Hunting guide

fran carabel

Hunting guide.

Passionate of outdoors.

Speaks fluent English.

Joined Corju Hunting in 2020.


Corju Hunting guide


Touring manager

Fluent English & French.

Organizing best tours in Spain since 2013.

let´s make it happen.

Hunting in Spain
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