Roebuck. What can I say about one of my greatest passions? “The forest elf”.  While writing down the texts for this site, I see the buck season getting to an end and I am already counting the days for next season to start. Hunting this specie has given me such great joy! The stalking of the roebuck is slow and demands the hunters’ eye and ear at its hundred and ten percent. I can only recommend you this hunting experience. If you want to spend great moments following the “elf”, book your date now. The best results take place during the month of April. We manage two areas: one in Southern Burgos and the other one in Northern Burgos. At times we have available permits of Moorish roebuck in the province of Cadiz.

  • Season: April to October.
  • Recommended Airport: Madrid.
  • Difficulty: We manage more than eleven thousand hectares. There are areas for all kinds of abilities.