Red deer

Iberian Red Deer. “The lord of the woods”.  If you ask me what is my favourite season of the year, I will tell you without a doubt it is the first rain days after summer, giving start to the fall season.  It is at this time of year when our highlands and cliffs offer us one of the most gorgeous natural shows: “The bellowing”. If you have never had the opportunity to enjoy this, I invite you to do so.  We have two available areas: one is in the northern peninsula: the Burgos and Zamora mountains and the other one is in the Toledo mountains. In both cases, the recommended airport is Madrid. Depending on the type of hunt and trophy size you are looking for, the hunting area will vary.

  • Season: September to February.
  • Recommended Airport: Madrid.
  • Difficulty: We manage more than seven thousand hectares. There are areas for all kinds of abilities.