As a lover of roebuck and its hunt, Poland is a necessary destination. It is the true roebuck paradise. Its forests and sown land make of it the ideal environment for this specie, making population extremely high and therefore, guaranteeing the success of each hunt.  It is the perfect options if you are willing to pull the trigger, given there are many high-density areas. If you are looking for huge roebucks, let us know, we have the best grounds available.

Apart from hunting, do not forget you can also visit the gorgeous and historic cities of Warsaw and Kraków. Its people, food and accommodation will fascinate you.

Quality-pricewise it is the best option in Europe.

I will see you on the 11th of May when the season starts.

  • You will not have to travel with your rifle as we have ours at your disposal.
  • This destination counts on several international airports, making it easily accessible.
  • Near our hunting areas we have a wide range of accommodation options, to everyone’s liking.

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