With the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, my heart migrates to France. If you enjoy mountain hunts, as it is my case, the French Pyrenees will offer you the three most exciting and gorgeous hunts of our continent: the red deer, the Pyrenean chamois and the mountain mouflon.  In our hunting areas we can offer you great trophies of the three species. If you are interested just let me know – very limited permits-.

In the Gers area, we yearly organize our famous roebuck hunts: In the months of September and October we do driven hunts (of maximum 10 shotguns) and from June to September we stalk them. There is high density of roebucks and every year we take down a high percentage of medal trophies; quality-pricewise it is a very good option.

Regarding accommodation, it is in a simple mountain lodge where you will savour the most delicious homemade meals; enjoy the company of good people and where you will find an immense feeling of peace and tranquillity. Everyone coming repeats…there’s a reason why.

  • You will not have to travel with your rifle as we have ours at your disposal.
  • This destination counts on several international airports, making it easily accessible.
  • Near our hunting areas we have a wide range of accommodation options, to everyone’s liking.
  • The CORJU team has verified this destination.