In my opinion, England is a great hunting destination; perfect for unwinding between the cold and silence. Either stalking its green forests or from feeding-points, it is the perfect option to relax and escape from day to day life. From north to south and east to west it offers beautiful woods and all kinds of points of interest. It is the only country in the world where we can hunt two of my favourite species: deer with tusks; muntjac and Chinese water deer. We manage lands where we can guarantee the success of hunts. It is also truly wonderful to stalk sika deer in the south of the country. In open areas large roebucks, stags and fallow deer can also be hunted.  Also, the list of animals that can be hunted in fenced areas in this country is impressive: Père David’s, japanese sika, formosan sika, manchurian sika, soay sheep, great stags with over forty points, black or white fallow deer, hog deer and many more. Please, ask us if you are a true SCI collector.

England is a charming country with a lot to visit, as well as offering a great range of hotels to everyone’s liking.  There is great charm in its architecture, its culture, the people -They even drive on the opposite side of the road! -.

Flying to England is inexpensive and easy, as there are dozens of daily flights. You will not have to travel with your own rifle, as we have several of them at your disposal: all of them top brands.

By the way, let us not forget England’s small game: woodcock, pheasant, partridge and the long time dreamt grouse.

I hope I have convinced you! Please, get back at me and we will prepare your hunt in England.

  • You will not have to travel with your rifle as we have ours at your disposal.
  • This destination counts on several international airports, making it easily accessible.
  • Near our hunting areas we have a wide range of accommodation options, to everyone’s liking.
  • The CORJU team has verified this destination.