After my first journey to Canada, I fell in love with this destination. Its flora, its fauna…In short, its nature is peerless. If you enjoy hunting in its purest state, this is without a doubt your destination.

We manage three areas for moose hunt:

  1. Newfoundland: the smallest of the Canadian moose’s (trophies from 35 to 45 inches). Great lodging camps and completely hunted on foot. Success rate close to 100%.
  2. Alberta: Medium-sized moose (trophies from 40 to 45 inches). First class lodging. Hunts combine 4×4 vehicles with stalking. Success rate close to 100%.
  3. British Columbia: The biggest sized moose of all Canada (trophies from 45 inches upwards). Remote camp for those willing to experience a true adventure.

In all our moose hunting areas there is the possibility of combining this hunt with black bear hunt and with pike fishing. This year we have fished pikes over 30kg.

  • You will not have to travel with your rifle as we have ours at your disposal.
  • This destination counts on several international airports, making it easily accessible.
  • The CORJU team has verified this destination.