Barbary sheep

Barbary Sheep. When I started hunting this was one of my dreams and for one reason or another its hunt took time. It was worth waiting for, inasmuch as I will never forget that first male barbary sheep I saw on the rocks. Its spectacular beard and elegant bearing are features that very few species can boast of. This specie can be hunted in two ways: in the hot summer months of July, August and September, it is hunted waiting on a feeding point, while during the months of October, November, December and January they can be hunted both stalking or waiting on a feeding point.  This specie is located in the eastern coasts of Spain; therefore the nearest airports will be Murcia or Alicante and otherwise, further away, Madrid airport.

  • Season: July to January.
  • Recommended Airport: Alicante, Murcia or Madrid.
  • Difficulty: We manage more than seventeen thousand hectares. There are areas for all kinds of abilities.